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About the Program

Waimanalo Elementary & Intermediate School is an AVID certified school.  AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  We have had the AVID College Readiness System at our school since 2009. For more information about AVID, visit: www.avid.org
AVID is a year-long elective class for middle school students.  Students must apply and go through an interview and selection process to enter the AVID program.  All students are welcome to apply.  Applications are accepted during the spring semester for the following year, or 1st quarter of the new school year.
We currently have 3 sections of AVID:
6th grade AVID - Ms. Christine Hernandez
7th grade AVID - Ms. Christine Hernandez
8th grade AVID - Ms. Ashley Callahan
AVID students learn college readiness skills such as writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading strategies through the AVID curriculum in their AVID elective classes. AVID students engage in an inquiry-based tutorial twice a week to support their success in rigorous courses such as Pre-Algebra, Honors, and Algebra. AVID students also learn more about college and career readiness through these activities:
- Group projects
- Research projects
- Guest speakers
- Community service
- Field trips
ALL middle school students are also exposed to these skills through their core classes which utilize the binder and planner for organization, Cornell note-taking system, and Costa's levels of thinking and questioning.
The WEIS AVID program has a strong partnership with Windward Community College's Educational Talent Search (ETS) program. For more info on ETS, visit their website at: http://windward.hawaii.edu/ets/
If you would like to know more about the WEIS AVID program, please call Kelly Kimura, WEIS AVID Coordinator, at 259-0460.